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Who does not know it?


You don't feel well and usually immediately resort to medicine from the medicine cabinet, because tablets almost always help. But why always resort to the chemical solution when there are completely different options?


There is a fascinating connection between the fingers and the organs. According to reflexology, each finger is assigned to a specific area of the body. If you know this, you will definitely try this method next time before you resort to the medicine cabinet.


The thumb


The thumb is connected to the lungs and heart. Anyone who suffers from violent palpitations or shortness of breath rubs their thumb and pulls on it. This calms the heartbeat and slows down breathing.


The index finger


The index finger is connected to the stomach and colon. If you suffer from abdominal pain or constipation, then you press your index finger for a minute, rub and pull on it. You will notice an improvement in the symptoms after a short time.


The middle finger


The middle finger is assigned to the cardiovascular system as well as the small intestine and respiratory system. If you suffer from motion sickness or your circulation is slack, rub and stretch your middle finger.


The ring finger


The ring finger influences the state of mind. So if you get the feeling that you are losing patience for something, you should perform a small massage on this finger.


The little finger (Pinky)


The little finger is connected to the kidneys, but a massage of the little finger can also help with headaches and muscle pain in the neck.


The palm of your hand



The palms of the hands are connected to the whole nervous system.


Massaging but also clapping is known to stimulate the circulation and you feel alive and fit.

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