Ðrêåm §¥mßðl - §†år



source of light or brightness, - spiritual awakening. Question: - Where in my life am I ready to let my light shine?




Humans have always reached for the stars - in a figurative as well as a direct sense.


A dream in which one observes the night sky and perhaps even plans an interplanetary or even interstellar trip indicates that one has the ambition to go as far as possible in his field. If one dreams of a single bright star and the attempt to reach or capture it, then one is probably actually pursuing the desire to 'capture' someone. Twinkling stars herald happiness in love, cloud-covered stars often warn of unhappiness and disappointment.


If stars fall from the sky, this indicates, according to the Indian dream script 'Jagaddeva', a disease that will soon break out.




If a star or starry sky appears in a dream, these are images for confidence, faith, hope and light.


Often it is expressed with it that the dreaming reflects on himself. They light up the night of the unconscious and thus reveal the next goal in life. The star generally symbolizes the striving for higher goals and ideals, - with this the warning can be connected not to reach for the stars too ambitiously.


If you see a starry sky in a dream, the stars are favorable.





The star is the sign and bringer of light.#


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