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Carrying out an energetic room cleaning

For smoking we need a clay vessel filled with sand, charcoal, smoking tongs, a feather or a piece of cardboard, a cleaning mixture.

Cleaning process:

- Light coal tablets
After about 5 minutes the charcoal is fully glowed (recognizable by the white layer of ash) and the incense is put on

- Spread the smoke that is now rising with the pen or the box
Particularly thoroughly fumigate corners and niches, as this is where most of the energies accumulate.

- Do not completely burn the charcoal. Just let it glow slightly, otherwise there will be an unpleasant burning smell.

- Push the smoldered plant remains off the charcoal and put on new incense

- This way the room is well fumigated

- Then ventilate well

- After smoking, allow the charcoal to burn out completely under supervision

- Never throw uncombined coal in the trash

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