Ðrêåm §¥mßðl - ßrêå†h

The ultimate symbol of life.


Those who 'lose their breath' are rigid with fear - those who no longer breathe are dead. A person's emotional state often affects their breathing rate. Increased breathing frequency can be 'translated' into a panic attack in the dream, for example. If you are completely out of breath and sink into the armchair exhausted, you should slow down your pace of life and take your time to 'finally take a deep breath'.


If one breathes under water, then this represents an instinctive return to the womb. If in the dream breathing another person is consciously experienced, this could be an indication that one needs the compassion and understanding of this person.


If a dreamer consciously perceives his breath in the dream, then this indicates his deep connection with life. Free breathing is a symbol for the free development of energy as well as for mental and physical balance. However, if the dreamer has to struggle for breath or if he even threatens to suffocate, this must be seen as a sign of impairment of personality development. If such a dream occurs more often and triggers strong feelings of fear, this indicates either a physical illness or a mental disorder.



The breath is the symbol for the soul. The breath is the power of the spirit and the life-giving energy.

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