†hê êñêrg¥ ïñ ¥ðµr hðmê


Our apartment, or house, stores the energies and emotions that we send out throughout the day.


We are constantly creating an energetic field in our home. This field is palpable for most. For example, we enter a building or a room and we feel uncomfortable. We don't feel well, we may be nervous, depressed or excited. It often happens that we leave such rooms again quickly.


If you'd like to try this out, close your eyes for a moment before entering a room and try to feel your physical reaction. Ask yourself which type of energy is most strongly represented in this room and wait for the answer. Over time you will feel more quickly and easily what a "house" feels like.


Now turn your attention to your home. Think about your house, or flat. What did you experience there? Besides joy and happiness, there were certainly arguments or a crisis.


All of these energies have remained in your home.


Not everyone reacts to these energies and feels them consciously. There are many people who are insensitive to external influences. But if we reflect on our process as a human race in recent years, we can clearly see that we are all becoming more sensitive.


Generally you can see this sensitivity in every child. You feel energies very quickly.


But the older and "grown up" children get, the more this ability is covered with so-called "reasoning" and we close ourselves off from our inner voice.

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