Ðrêåm §¥mßðl - Ègg

Association: - Potential, - birth, - hope, - wholeness. Question: - What do I want to develop?


The egg is an ancient symbol of mankind and stands for unrealized potential or for opportunities that the future will bring.


If you see in a dream an egg, then this is a hint that the dreamer has his natural abilities not yet become fully conscious.


It is a symbol of life and fertility, rebirth, the nucleus for something new and changing. In most mythological stories, the world arises from an egg. Thus the egg itself has become a parable for the world. Easter eggs have this symbolic character, although most people are no longer aware of it. Like the child in the dream it announces a new development, the accomplishment of a new task or the beginning of a new phase of life.


Mentally oppressive things will give way to a new attitude towards life. This gives rise to numerous meanings that depend on the accompanying circumstances in the dream and on the individual life situation.

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