Kñð† mågï¢


Knot magic is one of the easiest methods to approach your own magic spiritually and to focus it through the practical application of symbolism, interpretation, visualization and affirmation.


Basis of knot magic 


With knot magic, it is not clear where its origins lie. They are found in various forms, especially in Northern Europe. They are part of a wider wizarding system.

Not only the color of the cord plays a role, but also the number of knots is in the foreground. The knot magic is usually classified in the "small voodoo magic". For the beginning it is important for you to know that there are basically 2 spiritual forms of knot magic.


1. The knot magic of binding 


The spiritual energy is bound by tying your knot and only released by loosening your knot.


2. The knot magic of releasing 


The spiritual energy is released when you tie your knot and released when you untie your knot.


Knot magic must be connected with a spell. You speak the spell and make a loop of the knot whose energy you want to bind with every line or sentence.


The five most important knots 


Overhand knot - knot of the earth 


The overhand knot is the knot of the earth. As the simplest node, it absorbs the earth's energy best. Use this energy to ground yourself and to create a base energy for you. With this you can strengthen your body.


Square Knot - Knot of Air 


The square knot is the knot of the air because it looks like two winds that intertwine each other.


Use this energy to strengthen your spiritual strength. Free yourself from the shackles of the world of thought.

Old women knot - knot of water 


The old woman's knot is the knot of the water, because it appears as if the waves were crashing over each other.


With this knot you can bind and unleash healing energy.

Weaver's cross knot - knot of fire 


The weaver's cross knot is the knot of fire because it looks like the flames twisting in the fire.


With this knot you can ignite or bind your inner strength.

Tossenstek - knot of aether 


The Tossenstek is the knot of the ether, because it is as confused and twisted as the soul.


With this knot you can bind or unleash spiritual energies.

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