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We humans are energetic beings and leave an energetic signature of thought and emotional energy in our environment.


Depending on how intense it is, it can stay in every room for a long time, or even accumulate and build up into a kind of force field.


This applies in both a positive and a negative sense.

The neutralization of negative energy can take place, among other things, through certain smoked herbs and resins.


But also through language, vibration, music, smell and the use of color.


And who doesn’t know the “thick air” that can literally be grasped with your hands? These energies are also attached to our aura (our subtle energy body) and then we can feel drained, grumpy or depressed. This energy remains also in our home and can become stubborn over the years.


Cleansing is a wonderful method for cleaning the atmosphere and neutralizing these energies.


It is advisable to regularly cleanse the rooms in particular, in which many people are constantly together, e.g. kindergartens, schools, offices, sales rooms, company buildings and so on.


If you move to another apartment, you should clean it from the energies of the previous tenant before moving in. If the move has already taken place, it can of course be cleaned afterwards.


In order to achieve a neutral energy status, it is advisable to thoroughly cleanse out all rooms, from the basement to the attic, including the garage.


In principle, every item, from a used car to clothing and jewelry, can be freed from the energies of the previous owner in this way. However, it is advisable to seek help from a specialist in the case of strongly stuck energies, to successfully build a positive energy field on all levels.


But for a simple basic cleaning, cleansing is very well suited to stimulate positive vibrations in our environment.

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