Wåx Örå¢lê

A creative way to talk to your subconscious is to pour liquid wax into ice-cold water. It works exactly the same as with lead, only with wax. 


An oracle tells us the influences in the present. They are probabilities that are communicated to us. It is the nature of the oracle to raise questions and problems. It cannot give us the answers to basic life choices. Those questions must be asked to our higher self. 


How it works:


Take the remains of candles and pour them into a laboratory glass. But please clean them from the soot before melting them. Otherwise the wax will be grey and dirty.


You can put the laboratory glass directly on the stove to melt the wax. You can also use an empty jam jar and place it in a saucepan with water. In this water bath, you can slowly heat and melt the wax. When the wax is fluid take the old pieces of the wick out with a fork. 


Then you can fill the liquid wax in silicone baking tin and let it harden. 


It may also make sense to use leftover candles that you have already used in a ritual or for other magical activities. Personally, I keep my candles sorted by color, and then use it for such oracles, or to make new candles. 


The best way to consult a oracle with wax is to use ice water, as the wax hardens faster and forms interesting shapes. 

The wax will spread in water at room temperature. 


Enjoy and a good talk!


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