Mågï¢ål hðµ§ê ¢lêåñïñg

No, magical house cleaning cannot replace normal cleaning in the apartment.


But complement it effectively on an energetic level.


And no, with a single use it is not done. Just as it is not enough to clean up your own four walls once or twice a year. In many societies there are numerous methods, applications and rituals to energetically clean the house. It wasn't that long ago in Germany (the country where I was born) that the courtyard was swept out and thoroughly smoked as soon as an unwelcome visitor left the property as a matter of course.


The house was also marked with magical symbols.


This is the same as geomancy, which originally means “prophecy from the earth” - from Greek Gaia = earth, Manteia = prophecy.


Today it is understood to create an intensive contact with nature and the landscape around us (feeling the landscape - reading signs) and the conscious perception of the energies that surround us, right up to the correct action on what we intuitively perceive and know.


Geomancy is therefore the recognition and sensing of beneficial places (inside and outside) as the basis for a harmonious and healthy life.

This is exactly how Spiritual House Cleaning can be seen.


All places - rooms, houses, landscapes - have different energy qualities. These energy conditions result in an optimal use, or the suitability or non-suitability for certain purposes, or a corresponding need for change or adaptation.


In spiritual house cleaning, I see my task in strengthening so-called "positive" and weakening so-called "negative forces and energy fields" in order to achieve a more ideal overall energy in the living environment.

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