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What house cleaning or space clearing should do is convert energies.


We all come from a source that many call God and we are all surrounded by energy or spirit. This is no imaginations or New Age talk. We all consist in the smallest part out of energy. Our feelings and thoughts also seem to be somehow energetic, they can at least be measured.

It is like this: Thoughts, feelings and also actions create an energy.


If you argue with your partner and they come back a little later, you can still feel the argument, right? This is not just the memory, but it really is that the words and thoughts that you have spoken and thought have spread around the house like a gloomy fog.

You are probably also familiar with situations in which you observed a conversation or an encounter and could feel the tension in the air.

Feelings are also a powerful force. Close your eyes for once and imagine a situation that would strain you emotionally. Please do this exercise only briefly and not with traumatic memories. Imagine if your partner leaves you, you lose your job. You immediately feel the feelings in your body, you become tight, your breath changes, you feel sadness within you.


All of the feelings and thoughts within you are not just within you. You radiate your feelings, thoughts, words and actions, you give them away.

To the people around you and also in your house or apartment.

Everyone has something like an aura, an information field.


Your house also has such a field.


Created by you, your previous tenants and all those things that happened on the property. Whether that was yesterday or 200 years ago.

The stronger emotions are lived, the stronger and more difficult an act, the more intensely this information field is filled with these energies.

Since you live in the house, you are in contact with this information field.

The energies in the information field communicate with you, penetrate you.


And these energies are sometimes the ones that may not keep you sleeping, that cause nightmares, or that make you feel uncomfortable.

An energetic house cleaning converts energies again.


And how do you do that?


By generating an energy yourself that vibrates “higher” than the existing energy or by generating emotions and thoughts that represent the opposite of the information available. If I'm afraid for a long time, such as Existential fear and this energy can still be felt in my house, then I can transform the fear energy through the energy of trust.


As I said, all of this is presented very simply here.

If we think of a scale with feelings like fear, anger, anger, and sadness at the bottom, then feelings like joy, trust, and harmony are on the upper scale. Right at the top of the scale is pure white light, divine energy.


With the energies on the upper scale we can convert the “lower” energies, we pull the energy upwards, so to speak.

When it is dark and we turn on the light, the darkness immediately disappears.

The "bright" energy is able to transform the "dark" energy.


We all alone are able to change any energy that is not useful to us.

But we have often forgotten this.


Helpful are the power of a plant, such as sage, camphor or frankincense.

Or the 4 elements, which also have a cleaning effect on the information field in our house.

A prayer or the invocation of archangels also can generate this power.


Yes, the sound of a singing bowl or a sung mantra also have this power in them.

So if you want to energetically clean your house, buy quick-igniter coal, which is available in esoteric specialist shops.

Get yourself a fire-proof vessel and fill this vessel to the brim with sand.

On top of it you put the coal that you lit beforehand.


Choose herbs, sage, rosemary and thyme are sure to be in your kitchen or garden.

Maybe buy yourself a cleansing mix, I myself use herbs like white sage, cedar, angelica root, sweet grass and copal.

Put the herb or mixture on the charcoal and spread the rising smoke around the house.


Then use other elements:


Go to prayer!

Call the Archangels!

Use the power of the elements, such as a candle (fire)

Drum, clap, chant a mantra.


All of this has an impact on the information field of your home.


Do not forget: You or other people created this information, you also have the power to change this information or energies again:

Make house cleaning as conscious as possible!


Feel into the energies and transform the energies with the power of your spirit!


I hope you enjoy it.

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