Håvê ¥ðµ êvêr ¢ðñ§ïÐêrêÐ §hðwêrïñg wï†h §ål†?

Do you want to improve your health or mood?


How can salt in the shower help?


Salt has a very cleansing and regenerating effect on many levels (attention, here I mean external use!). I recommend showering with salt, especially after exercising or after a hard day. Salt helps the body to excrete toxins and has the ability to neutralize acids and harmful substances.


The removal of endogenous waste products (such as lactate, which leads to muscle soreness and pain) is accelerated; this helps us to get fit faster and to recover better.

Salt does not only work on a physical level - you can also wash away negative, unwanted feelings or even thoughts with the salt. On an emotional and mental level, salt has the ability to absorb and remove our «energy magic» from us. It just filters out the emotions that harm us.


Salt has also proven to be particularly effective in treating pain and / or injuries, as it works directly at the source and is less dedicated to the symptom. It can bring the messed up system back to normal.


Here are a few examples of possible uses for salt in the shower: 

  • Ailments that can be alleviated by salt showers:
  • Acidification of the body
  • Toxic load in the body
  • Negative thoughts, negative spiral
  • Bad mood
  • Pain of any kind
  • Muscular imbalances or injuries
  • Negative emotions such as anger, hate, frustration, envy, greed, etc.

How to shower with salt?


You shower as usual. Use your normal shampoo etc. At the very end, just add a small step:


The best thing to do is to put a mug or a closable container filled with salt in your shower. Then take about one to two handfuls per shower and rub it all over your body (be careful, it burns on open wounds!). I always use a lot in the chest area and between the ribs and along the spine.


Let the salt be there for a minute or two so that the used, polluted energy on your system can be drawn out.


Then shower off all the salt with water. The temperature doesn't matter - I choose cool water to stimulate my circulation.


For women: If you use a hair conditioner, you can let the salt and conditioner work together and shower off in one go - saves time, water and energy.


Which salt do I need?


No, you don't need a super expensive, super high quality and extra exclusive salt. Just take normal salt, which is the cheapest. You are free to choose whether you want sea or rock salt, for example.


If you like, you can of course also buy a more expensive bath salt with a natural flavor. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to your container on your own. For example, I like lavender. 


Also highly recommended as a bath


Incidentally, I also highly recommend bathing with salt. Take 1-2kg of salt (yes, that much!) And add a few tablespoons of coconut oil and essential lavender oil. You are also welcome to add a few tablespoons of coffee powder for detoxification. Let yourself be cleaned in the bathroom for about 20 to 30 minutes.


A bath has a stronger effect than a shower - but it takes more time.





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