Wh¥ ¢åñ´† Ì gê† rïР𣠆hê þrꧧµrê?

Pressure from within often comes from within.


The way we think about things, can push us from within. How painful things can be that no longer exist 

or never have existed, or never will ewist.


But they are always in our thoughts and want to break free. Because thoughts want to be lived. They are only a fraction of our life. But unfortunately we spend most of our time in our thoughts.


The desire to be someone else than who you are - without the wrong patterns and fears; and even without the anger at yourself.

The longing for this life that is more unlikely than winning the lottery if you don't even play the lottery.

This shows that everything we think either is not or cannot become alive, since it remains only in our thoughts.

"Just let go, then you'll be fine" ... I often say to myself.


"I can't do it" ... can sometimes be the answer to myself, and then you have one more reason to be desperate. Stepping out of the dilemma is action.

Do it.

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