Whå† þrꧧµrê Ðð Ì håvê £rðm †hê 𵆧ïÐê?

External pressure can be compared as a wave of energy rolling towards you.


In it there is a foreign will, a foreign expectation, a foreign requirement. Strange because it is either consciously transferred to me from others or because I have a blind spot in mzself with regard to my own expectations. So the first step is; to even recognize who or what is exerting the pressure and what expectations are conveyed with it.


However, it is not always easy to make the distinction between “foreign” and “self”. In my experience, every external expectation always has its own truth. Life confronts us with challenges until we have solved them for ourselves. Perfectionism, fear of making mistakes, fear of losing face or of not being able to meet one's own or others' expectations and thus disappointing people - all of this can be a part of not being able to cope with pressure. In addition, today we live in a performance society that is difficult to forgive failure. As a rule, we are rewarded here for results - not for the way getting there.


The less we can differentiate ourselves from these social expectations, the more burdensome expectations can become.

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