Rêmåïñ §ïlêñ†

Prolonged and ill-considered speech has negative consequences and is dangerous in spiritual life.


That may sound very tough.


But if we let go of all the words we uttered in the course of the day, we find that most of them have expressed our malice and unkindness or our greed, sensuality or are simply stupid, useless.


It is a noise with which we wanted to distract ourselves. All idle words, and if we take a closer look, we notice that they tend to take up more space than the sensible, loving or necessary words.


And when we add the unspoken words of our endless, idiotic internal monologue, empty talk is the overwhelming bulk of most of us.


Mastery of the tongue is also the mastery of thoughts, and it is not only one of the most difficult forms of self-denial, but also the most useful of all.



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