M𧆠þêðþlê årê ñð† þhïlð§ðþhêr§

Most people are not philosophers and do not care about the consequences of thinking and acting.


In some situations we do not come up with the idea of "loose and separated" events, but assume that they run simultaneously or follow one another in the organized and organizing force field of a cosmic whole. But in other situations, where the opposite conception fits your passions or interests better, you subconsciously tend to the conception as if they were as independent from each other and from the rest of the world as words that symbolize these processes.


This is usually the case with everything that has to do with "I" and "mine". If we objectify the "loose and separate" terms, we also consider things as "loose" and "separate" - as not subject to any law and as independent of the public network of their relationships to the physical, social and spiritual environment. It seems absurd to us that in nature there should be no causality and no organizational connection between things and events in the lives of others.


But at the same time we take it for granted that our "I" is "loose and separate" from the universe and self-set - beyond any causality.

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