†hê §håþê åñР ꣣ꢆ

Thoughts can develop a certain form.


Our thoughts are a strange, semi-intelligent being.


It surrounds us everywhere and invigorates the mental and astral levels.
The emitted impulse of a thought forms a temporary shell around vital substances.

This creates the battery for our power of thought. If a person's thought

or feeling is directed towards a person, this power of thought flows

towards him and discharges into the astral or mental body.

If the thought is directed towards yourself, or is based on personal feeling,
as is the case with most people, then the thought forms generated float
around us and are always ready to react on us. As long as they are passive.
So many people wander around within their own cage. we are surrounded by the
effect of our self-generated thought power.

Through this we see into the world and create the new vibrations of thought again
and again if we fail to get out of this pattern.


As long as our feelings and thoughts are not under control, we do not see things as they really


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