†hê ꣣ꢆ 𣠆hê vïßrå†ïðñ§

 For most people, thinking is the most completely uncontrolled processes in their life. 


The thoughts flutter constantly back and forth, the weak approaches to thoughts are broken again and again. As a result, the vibrations thus generated are powerless and unable to form a precise thought-form.


A thought of great poignancy, depth and concentration creates vibrations that are able to set the ether in motion.


Then there is a faint magnetic current, which the thinking senses as a slight tingling sensation. Once this power has been generated, it is a proof that the vibration really has a bearing and bearing power.


The ether waves, which are faster and shorter than the waves of light, now continue, and may act on the other brain's patency penetrated by the calcified gland. It is not absolutely necessary that a thought propagate through a medium of the etheric waves. He can also be aware of the mental plan. This is why telepathy and suggestion are distinguished from each other.


The greater the strength and precision of a thought, the more it transcends everything.


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