§†rꧧ å§ å vïm

In the USA, there was an experiment that proved that the stress as a victim is the greatest.

Two groups sat in one big room. Both groups got the same job: they should investigate a text for errors in a short time as fast as possible.
Both groups received headphones, over which unpleasant noise was recorded. One group was told: solve the task as well as possible, despite the noise. So this group was "victim".
Members of the other group were told that when the noise gets too uncomfortable, they raise their hands and we turn off the noise in their headphones.


The result will not surprise you: the second group had the better results. Amazingly, however, was in this group, despite permission, no one's hand raised. The explanation is that the members of the second group were not victims. They would always have had the opportunity to turn off the noise.


However, since they accepted the noise, they were able to focus on their task despite the noise, instead of getting angry about it.


This attitude had led to the better results.

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