Rê¢ðgñïzê ¥ðµr mêñ†ål åñÐ êmð†ïðñål åßïlï†ïê§

Everything in this universe is made up of energy that vibrates at different frequencies.


All forms of life, places and all material objects are composed of tiny quanta of energy that are clearly differentiated from each other by their energetic vibrations. The human body, cars, clothes, illnesses - all this consists of slowly vibrating energy on the physical level. every energy that constitutes material objects can be perceived with the five senses.  Non-material, psychic energy swings very fast and can be perceived with the psychic sensors. 

All thoughts, feelings and mental images are captured by the soul and have for them the same reality value as cars, money and houses. The soul sees these images as part of the material world. 

We all have the potential ability to separate these worlds to be more responsive to energy in our environment. Sensitive people can hear and feel these energies. They are more intuitive and empathetic, not only to the energies, but also to their fellow human beings.

Recognizing one's own energy gives us more independence from our environment, because we know our own energy world and also learn to use it.

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