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We know that there are few people on this earth whose ability to love is sufficient to encompass everything around them.


People who love are hardly afraid anymore.


Most people, however, can only love what their concrete fears have been able to suppress in their previous lives: often themselves, their own abilities and successes, possibly even their car, perhaps still their parents, sometimes the partner, almost always the Children, maybe their dog or their horse.

Rarely does this love encompass all that we call our surroundings, the neighbors, the strangers in the village, the forest, the birds, the nature.

But we can also love ideas and idols, get excited about utopias, for religious ideas, for political goals, for a lot of different things.


But whenever a person has found something specific in the world that helps him to make his anxiety more bearable, he has already acquired a new fear. It is the fear that he loses what he loves again. As soon as he senses that someone is coming and threatens to take away what he needs to be able to control all the various threats in his life, that fear gets a very precise name: hate.


In this way, every incomplete love always generates hatred, anger, aggression, enmity, war and new anxiety on the part of those against whom the fear is directed.


The thinner the blanket of love and competence that a human has found in order to cover his greatest nakedness, the more intense and unforgiving he must hate those who give him even the slightest bit of this vital protection from the consequences of an uncontrollable stress reaction threaten to take away.

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