†råñ§m裏ïðñ êñêrgïê§

The media claim that bad news is good news.


The idea is to say that bad news mobilizes people's curiosity and thirst for knowledge more than good news.

This attitude explains why the trend towards the spectacular and lurid in the press and radio, in television and theater is continuing and perhaps even increasing.


Hardly anyone is aware of this, when he reads the latest scandal stories from higher societies in the news or magazines, or when he watches a crime thriller, that he is exposed to transmission energies, whether he knows it or not.

So what are transmission energies?

This energy describes any type of fluctuating energy that is transferred to us and to others in everyday life through our dealings with one another. So we can be both sender of transmission energy and receiver. This mutual sending and receiving is not limited to the human environment. Everything is included in this energy exchange.

Also the animals, the plants, yes our whole environment with everything that belongs to it.

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