The meaning of our life?

For some people, the one-dimensional state of consciousness will shape their everyday lives more or less. 


Physical needs are the most important things for most. Is that the purpose of our life? Or is there more, which is much, much deeper? 


Let's take a look at the wealth of our emotional world. The more empathetic and sensual we become, the easier we shift our weight of consciousness from the physical to the spiritual, from the outer to the inner world. As long as we are attached to our ego in our psychic experience, we suffer from a certain amount of confusion, fragmentation and unrest. Greed is driving us. Entertaining pleasure alternates with yawning boredom. 


So we are cought in our drives and passions. In order to gain inner peace and independence from our emotions, we must detach ourselves from this bond and become independent. 


When we become critical in the selection of our desires and endeavors and look at everything with a certain objectivity, we achieve a longer lingering in individual experiences and thus gradually learn to examine and question our feelings about every situation in life.

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