The use of our will


It is not surprising that the use of our will can not be a permanent benefit.
It is too is subject to fluctuations. Our will is drawn into the contradictions of our thinking. Opposing emotions make it difficult for our will to maintain its purposefulness.

Emerging difficulties can wear down our patience and perseverance. Boredom tries to paralyze our resilience.
An army of distractions diverts our attention and thus shatters our willpower.
Fortunately, these maturing processes of our consciousness are simultaneously processes of change. But we also see changes in our lives as an opportunity.

Let's see in the "problems" in our lives, the clues that we need to change something. Do we also see the chance for transformation and the turn for the better?

Do we even have the courage to go the road to recovery? Or do we rather stay anxious and hope for improvement without our intervention?

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