Inner and outer obstacles are no coincidence

From a higher point of view, our inner obstacles are tailor-made to help us as trials where we do not yet have the power, of our own accord, to recognize malpractices as such in order to voluntarily separate ourselves from them.


Therefore, our refinements accompany the maturation pain from stage to stage. The exams become easier and harder at the same time. They become lighter as we become more familiar with the processes of this purification process. They are each adapted to our current level so that we are neither overwhelmed nor under-challenged in our possibilities. They are getting heavier, because the road itself is getting steeper and steeper.


The points of view and thought patterns of our own egocentricity are so interwoven in us that we can not eradicate them by our own power.


Therefore, the painful purifications are basically a mercy, because they are able to penetrate into those niches and hiding places of our deep interior in the subconscious, clarifying, ordering and purifying, if we do not hinder them.


But if we find the courage, with patience and trust, to surrender to this purification, even the inner abandonment loses its terror.

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