Helpful dreams

To experience how we tick inside, our dreams are a helpful tool.

Only when we have realized what drives us, worries, or frightens us, we will become masters of ourselves and our lives, and find inner balance.


We live in a complex world and are highly complex beings ourselves. We are constantly being challenged to make decisions that overwhelm us for our logically oriented self. Our ego tries to simplify all requests and tends to solve problems intellectually. However, the intellect can fail if its complexity is too great, and it comes to the situation that we can not decide, because a voice in us is constantly commenting on it.


The one inner voice in us says this, the other one says that. So we need a higher authority that oversees the situation beyond our limitations. This higher instance is the dream, because our censoring left half of the brain is switched off in our dreams. This allows us to make decisions more freely. The operational blindness that often distinguishes our ego derives from the one-sided fixation of our ego on the left hemisphere of the brain, which evaluates and excludes you from everyday logic and everyday experiences.



In a dream we are free in finding a solution, as we can playfully addres the problem in his pictorial language and our brain can ofer dreamlike solutions - and mostly unconventional solutions - from this holistic perspective with ease.

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