My mood effects the environment

Let's be aware that the moods and atmosphere of our environment have a big impact on our consciousness.

These moods and atmospheres are the products of our human mind and can therefore be changed by the human mind. We do not have to endure anything passive in life, but it is up to us to shape the atmosphere according to our wishes.


Is not it worth trying to create an oasis of calm and harmony from an environment full of dissatisfaction and tension in the immediate vicinity? However, this only works if we start with creating "order" with ourselves and get our reaction to a disharmonious environment under control.


Once we can no longer be influenced by the negative vibrations of our environment, we have won: we turn the tables and start to influence them from our side. Our inner balance flows over to others, and this harmony spreads in undulating circles in concentric circles to our surroundings. The people around us, who have an sense for this, will feel these positive vibrations, react accordingly and strengthen them.


However, first thinking of our own peace of mind and trying to resolve the cause of our own dissatisfaction, failure is often inevitable. However much we try to create the world in our image, we will always find something wrong. Only if we succeed in gaining control of our inner realm and keeping it in harmony even under the most adverse circumstances (because there will be always something) then we are no longer passively exposed to external circumstances, but are actively involved in our own live.


How does it work? For example with the help of meditation. The meditation lets our mind come to rest. We gradually learn to focus on the essentials of life. And also to recognize the essentials in our lives,

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