Self Hypnosis


How to hypnotize yourself?


For example: When we want to wake up at a certain time the next morning, it is a good idea, before we go to bed, that we give our mind a suggestion for this intention.


This is already a self-hypnosis. With some practice and repetition, the mind will respond to this. And no matter how deep we sleep, the inner alarm clock will give effect at the appointed time.


The suggestion before falling asleep is synonymous with the proverbs: A night to sleep over something or "Advice comes over night".


It is also possible, that we set a goal for ourselves, before going to sleep, for the next day.


During the day (after a while) we will feel the urge to implement it. Even if we have apparently forgotten what it was about in normal consciousness. But it is anchored in the subconscious.

In the beginning, one should not want too much, but naturally and gradually, and also constantly memorizing the idea before going to bed, so that one falls asleep while thinking of what should happen.


It works step by step. And keep in mind not to try anything new until the first idea works. Because every failure leads to discouragement. And if we do too much, it can also turn into stress.


But when we reach one after the other, our self-confidence grows.


For what we summon with our will will soon become a habit.


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