I would be glad if you think in advance about what you would like to change with my support and if you are honestly willing to work on your issues at this time.


If this willingness is present, a change may be possible and a consultation may be useful.


Make time for these thoughts!


Change or not - both have an impact.


A brief information talk by phone is free!

Since it is possible that I can not always answer the phone, I would like to ask you to leave a message on my mailbox +31 629 627 569 or to write me an email or using the contact form and make an appointment.

I will gladly call you back.

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  • Dream analysis via mail

15 Euro 

  • A dream analysis in person will take 45 minutes and we can go deeper into the dream with clear questions

50 Euro

  •  Spiritual House Cleaning 

 depending on complexity according to cost estimate

  •  Qabbalistic Astrology (birth horoscope, event horoscope)

50 Euro

  •  Meditation 45 minutes

40 Euro

  •  Refuah - Qabbalistic healing 45 minutes

40 Euro