ᴬʳᶜʰⁱᵗᵉᶜᵗᵘʳᵉ ᵒᶠ ˢˡᵉᵉᵖ



In het verleden werden dromen vaak gezien als goddelijke tekens en boodschappen van het bovenzinnelijke.


Droominterpretatie werd voornamelijk gedaan door predikers en sjamanen.

Hun droomanalyses werden over het algemeen als zo belangrijk beschouwd door de machtigen dat ze beslissingen namen over het lot van het hele volk dat van hen afhankelijk was.

Zelfs vandaag speelt droominterpretatie een belangrijke rol voor veel mensen, ook al is het niet langer zo baanbrekend als in de oudheid.

Het interpreteren van uw dromen kan om vele redenen erg interessant zijn. Degenen die hun dromen regelmatig interpreteren en observeren, kunnen veel over zichzelf leren en zichzelf beter leren begrijpen.

Ervaren droominterpretatoren krijgen door middel van droominterpretatie veel inzichten over zichzelf, andere mensen en de wereld in het algemeen.

Ze handelen en reageren na verloop van tijd rustiger, alsof ze hun innerlijke rust hebben gevonden.


 Op deze manier beïnvloeden ze niet alleen hun eigen leven op een positieve manier, maar ook hun persoonlijke omgeving.




In the past, dreams were often seen as divine signs and messages from the supersensible.


Dream interpretation was mainly done by preachers and shamans.

Their dream analyzes were generally considered so important by the powerful that they made decisions about the fate of the entire people dependent on them.

Even today, dream interpretation plays an important role for many people, even though it is no longer as pioneering as in antiquity.

Interpreting your dreams can be very interesting for many reasons. Those who regularly interpret and observe their dreams can learn a lot about themselves and learn to understand themselves better.

Experienced dream interpreters gain many insights about themselves, other people and the world in general through dream interpreting.

They act and react more calmly over time, as if they have found their inner peace.


In this way, they not only influence their own lives in a positive way, but also their personal environment.




Träume galten früher oft als göttliche Zeichen und Botschaften des Übersinnlichen. 


Traumdeutung wurde hauptsächlich von Predigern und Schamanen betrieben. 

Ihre Traumanalysen wurden von den Mächtigen in der Regel für so wichtig erachtet, dass sie Entscheidungen über das Schicksal des gesamten Volkes von ihnen abhängig machten. 

Auch heute spielt die Traumdeutung für viele Menschen eine gewichtige Rolle, wenngleich sie nicht mehr so wegweisend ist wie in der Antike. 

Seine Träume zu deuten kann aus vielen Gründen sehr interessant sein. Wer seine Träume regelmäßig deutet und beobachtet, kann einiges über sich selbst erfahren und lernen, sich selbst besser zu verstehen. 

Erfahrene Traumdeuter erlangen durch das Traumdeuten vielerlei Erkenntnisse über sich, andere Menschen und die Welt im Allgemeinen. 

Sie agieren und reagieren im Laufe der Zeit gelassener, so als ob sie ihre innere Ruhe gefunden haben. 


Damit beeinflussen sie nicht nur ihr eigenes Leben auf eine positive Weise, sondern auch ihr persönliches Umfeld.





Association: - gentle beauty, - timidity. Question: - Which part of me seeks protection?




In Nordic cultures, the deer is a celestial bull, its antlers represent the celestial ladder.


This explains why the deer in the Christian religion often stands for Christ and has a savior symbolism. The deer and the unicorn are equally important in mythology.


They stand as an image for the unity of soul and spirit. The deer probably also has an erotic significance in folklore due to its brute fighting around the deer cow. Deep down, it can symbolize repressed female traits in men or males in women and urge them to accept them. Sometimes the deer promises women happiness, whereby they may have to put up horns for men, - men announce success and inflammatory ideas, which are not limited to eroticism alone.


He often points out that one should be content with modest prosperity and quiet family happiness.







 Association: - Enlightenment, - Vision search. Question: - What do I want to see?


Medical advice:


Keywords: Slow burning, - Fire inside, - content, - careful. Description: Candles in a variety of shapes have been used by humans for centuries to bring light into the darkness. Candles grasp the element fire, - it is contained in them. They are usually made from oils and waxes with a wick. General meaning: Fire comprehending, - slow and even, - the work with the element fire, - a fleeting impression of the radiant components of your self. Association: Candle holder, - eternal light, - spark plug in car. Transcendent meaning: A light in the middle of the void, - a ceremony, - ceremonial protection, - bathed the color and handling of the candle in a transcendent dream.




As the electricity had not yet been invented, the candle and its light were interpreted as a solution of darkness or as venerable power. The dream of a burning candle refers today, as candles as a lighting fixture are no longer relevant, to the need for insight, cognition, enlightenment or warmth of feeling, ie the attempt to clarify something that the dreamer does not yet understand.


The candle is also a symbol of life. The Easter candle still has the meaning of a rebirth or resurrection symbol. Since the candle burns itself, in a dream it can also have the meaning of human mortality, not just the light of life. The statement of this picture can therefore only be deduced from the overall context of the dream. Candles can also represent the power of the dreamer over his personal magic.


• Candles on a birthday cake symbolize a transition from old to new. They indicate optimism and lightness of being. A cake full of candles can be associated with age fears and uncertainty about the future.


• The lighting of a candle stands for courage and strength or for the demand for something that the dreamer needs. If you light them yourself and burn them brightly, you will soon be able to enjoy an important knowledge as well as unique opportunities.


• Restlessly flickering and nauseating candles indicate that a loved one is in difficulty moving in the area of health.


• Candles can indicate sexual needs as a phallus symbol. When it burns brightly, love is renewed, when it is extinguished, one does not reach the goal of his desire.


• Old dream books also equate the candle with 'light of life' - then it can announce long life, but also announce diseases and deaths, especially when it goes out. Today, the extinguished candles stand for hopes that must be given up.




At the spiritual level are candles for enlightenment, wisdom and beauty. It establishes the relationship between mind and matter.






A pistol has an obvious masculine and sexual significance in a dream. When a woman in a dream shoots with a pistol, she is aware of the masculine, aggressive side of her personality.


When shot at a woman, she feels threatened by aggression, aggression or sexuality. Pistols are generally interpreted as weapons.


It can especially point out dangers or warn against excess anger.




The pistol in the dream has something to do with the perseverance of the dreamer and generally with aggressively asserted power.


The weapon can serve for self-protection and self-assertion. To what extent other people are drawn into it by compassion, the dreamer must carefully examine.


In Freud male sexual symbol, also signs of sexual tension and tension (the pistol is known to be tightened).


If, for example, aiming at someone in a dream without shooting, that results in a failure in love or in another area of life.




On the spiritual level, the pistol in the dream symbolizes the male principle.