Around 10 years a huge change happened within me.

I began to realize how unsatisfying the hard, cold scientific answers were, and I could no longer only focus on hypothesis driven questions and answers. My feeling was there must be more than what research can measure. I suddenly found it more important what and how I felt and not so much what I can measure any longer. In my discussions with people I became wide open to their spiritual quest and how it was related to their mental and physical health.

I essentially work with the energies of the universe to influence probabilities.

Herbs, rituals, colors, stones, for example, help by having their own magical energies, but you are the most important element in everything you do in life.


"Unhealthy" thoughts and beliefs can have a negative impact on well-being and health.


It is possible that some of these thoughts manifest themselves in our environment and thus affect us from the outside as well.
Some call this "self-fulfilling prophecies."

A positive attitude and a firm belief that we are successful in life is the key to many problems.


Chu Ann