Everything has its cause and effect.


Everything comes and goes. It does not end. We humans are parts in the universe and are part of this system. But we often do not see the big picture. We all only see to the fence of our own universe. Every day we are filled up from the outside with pictures, emotions, words, noises.


It is difficult in these days to find peace in oneself. And who is that? Me and myself?


But there are so many models of life that everyone has the possibilty to find his own way.

All we need is more courage, tolerance and an open heart.

Meditation, working with your dreams and spiritual healing can help you with that – finding your inner self..


My treatment techniques are a wonderful combination to open the door to the subconscious so that you can communicate with your soul.


                                                         - The transformation of the individual -


Chu Ann




I offer you a better insight into yourself with these treatment techniques:


- Meditation, pathworking and ritual

- Qabbalistic astrology 

- Qabbalastic healing - Refuah

- Dreamworks

- Spiritual House Cleaning